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  • Audiophileoholic- Andrew Perkins

Greensky Bluegrass with special guest Roy G. Biv

Music aficionados love to place musicians and groups in a box. Lending new music to be placed in categories that don't always fit the musical act at hand. Greensky Bluegrass is one of those bands that can't be limited to one genre. In an evening one can hear country music themes, jam band rock, bluegrass bravado, rock and roll flare, pop rock influences. Really it can be an exciting musical journey next to this band. I liken it to walking into a pub in Dublin. Where the hearth is warm. The Guinness is flowing. And traditional music is permeating the air. Sit down, relax, enjoy.

What I can say for a fact is that Greensky Bluegrass brings a catalog of music that is soothing to the soul. With many twists and turns around each corner. Enticing the audience to stand up and dance to the music. To relish in the phenomenal light show. Bask in the vibes.

This tour is dubbed the Winter 2018 Tour. Conversely, I would say there was no sign of winter in the Old National Centre. The music awakenened the exhuberant crowd and warmed their chilly bones. Check out upcoming tour dates.

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