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  • Michele Blue

The Clarks

This particular band stood out to me because their sound was unlike like anything else at the Festival. Of course all bands have their own feel and sound, but The Clarks were a bit country compared to the alt-rock bands that were taking the stage in the days prior. I am not usually a big fan of country, but their mix of an alt-country rock really got my attention. I am now a big fan of their particular sound. The lead singer Scott Blasey had a wonderful stage presence as he belted out song after song to a really hyped up crowd.

The Clarks took the CVG stage at the Bunbury Festival around 5:00 pm Sunday. The feel at the festival on Sunday early evening compared to Saturday was slightly lighter and more relaxed. The grass had mostly dried from the rain on Friday. There were a lot more people spread out on blankets and laying around just enjoying the atmosphere of the festival. After a couple of songs from The Clarks I noticed those lying down were no longer doing so. The music was so intoxicating coming from The Clarks. Everyone within ear-shot was up and dancing around. By the end of their set the crowd had grown quite large. I think they turned a lot of people onto their alt-country sound that day.

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