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Greta Van Fleet review Bunbury Festival 2019

Just before Greta Van Fleet took the stage every light in the place went dark. Although I am still not sure if that was planned by the band or just a random coincidence at the park. Either way it was pretty badass and totally what a rock band would do. About 60 seconds after the total darkness the stage lit up and this powerful sound came across the Bunbury Festival grounds. I had just started to walk to the back to get a photo of the depth of the crowd when the music started. I honestly was not expecting to need to walk so far back. People were still showing up in mass numbers as the first song continued to play. It did not take long to understand why the entire grass area in front of the Monster stage was completely full and still filling up long into the second song. Having played on SNL and winning a Grammy earlier in 2019, Greta Van Fleet has grown into their own and they were proving it every second they were on the stage. Every note belted out by Josh Kiszka carried across the dark night sky. The crowd jumped around and the entire vibe reminded me of something from a different era. They have managed to capture a sound like no other. Their songs might remind you a bit of a band from perhaps the 1970’s with their feel-good lyrics that promote peace and love, but they are brand new and here to stay!

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