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Doll Skin Bonus Review Live at The Deluxe at Old National Center, in Support of New Found Glory, Jun

If you’re into pop punk but you’re not familiar with Doll Skin yet, you’re doing something wrong. This all-female, four-piece band from Phoenix have been flexing their muscles and showing the boys who’s boss since they burst onto the scene in 2013. With numerous awards and tours, as well as two EPs and two albums under their belts, Doll Skin possess a poise and stage presence that belies their youthfulness. Case in point: despite significant technical difficulties Tuesday night, they maintained their composure, adjusted their setlist, and kept the audience engaged until the snags were worked out. Doll Skin are always a great band to see live, and Tuesday’s show was no exception. Frontwoman Sydney Dolezal owned the stage, pacing from side to side throughout the set. Much to the delight of the audience, she not only forayed into the crowd to connect directly with the fans, but also climbed up the lighting truss for a better vantage point. Badass guitarist Alex Snowden, who was forced to deal with malfunctioning equipment, carried on like a trouper, executing killer lick after killer lick. Drummer Meghan Herring’s trademark red lipstick emphasized both her smiles and her snarls as she fiercely pounded the skins, and Nicole Rich was a blast to watch as she swayed and grooved while laying down the bassline. These talented bandmates, who met while at the School of Rock in Phoenix and were the darlings of the 2017 & 2018 Vans Warped tours, have been busy. They recently signed to Hopeless Records, are promoting their merch through Hot Topic, released a couple of new videos, have been touring across the country with pop-punk legends New Found Glory, are back on the Warped lineup for 2019, and oh, yeah, they just dropped a new full-length album, “Love is Dead and We Killed Her.” Check it out here!

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