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  • Laura Fox - LLFoxphotos

Dreamers at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center ALT 103.3 Birthday Bash July 12, 2019

Dreamers, an LA-based trio, was the second act to take the stage at ALT 103.3’s Birthday Bash Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center. Currently on tour in support of 311 and Dirty Heads, Dreamers fused together indie, rock, pop, psychedelic, and techno sounds artfully, and threw in a little dash of pop punk for fun. The synergy between vocalist Nick Wold, guitarist Jacob Wick, and bassist Marc Nelson was evident throughout Dreamers’ enthusiastic, well-rehearsed set, making for an enjoyable show. What I found fascinating about Dreamers is that their songs are lyrically provocative, while being catchy and danceable. It’s an interesting dichotomy that fits with the title of their debut album, “THIS ALBUM DOES NOT EXIST.” If you like music that’s thoughtful, yet entertaining, you’ll like Dreamers, too.

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