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  • Laura Fox - LLFoxphotos

Issues - The Egyptian Room at Old National Centre 08 08 19

Sometimes I joke around, saying, “My issues have issues,” but the band Issues certainly doesn’t have any problems when it comes to putting out great music. The Atlanta-based foursome put on a hard-hitting, kick-ass show at The Egyptian Room at Old National Thursday night, delighting fans and getting everyone pumped up for headliners I Prevail. It’s kind of hard to categorize Issues into a specific genre. Their eight-song set, which started with Hooligans, and ended with “Mad at Myself,” was metalcore, nu-metal, R&B, blues, pop, and pop punk – often in the same song. My personal favorite song of the set was Tapping Out, the title cut from their March 2019 album. It’s one of their more mainstream rock tracks, with a strong jazz/blues influence, and killer bass and guitar riffs. Lead vocalist Tyler Carter worked the crowd into a frenzy, calling for mosh pits and circles, while guitarist/vocalist AJ Rebollo screamed into the mic. Bassist Skyler Acord’s hair was flying as he head-banged, and drummer Josh Manuel punished the skins on his drumkit (which had a surprised-looking Steve Erkl peering out from the bass). Their style, energy, and charisma made them a perfect pick to open for I Prevail.

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