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  • Laura Fox - LLFoxphotos

Skillet Cooks Up Heavy Christian Rock at Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn at White River Park, Indianapoli

Christian rockers Skillet are known for their high-energy, passionate live performances, and their fans are known for their fierce loyalty. Last weekend I got to experience a Skillet concert for the first time, and I completely understand what the hype is all about. Their show was a first-rate production, complete with pyro, smoke, cannons, vivid graphics, and, of course, great music. Here are the highlights of their 14-song, powerful set: Lead singer John Cooper had a great rapport with the audience throughout the entire set, sharing stories and positive messages, all without preaching I learned that Victorious, the title track from Skillet’s latest album, was inspired by the loss of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. Cooper and the rest of the band want everyone to know that they’re not alone, and to not give up hope There were lots of families and kids of all ages in the audience. Cooper talked about how great it was to see all the kids, and encouraged parents to keep bringing them out to shows The special effects were spectacular. There was so much going on at all times that I sometimes didn’t know where to look next! I was riveted by guitarist Korey Cooper. Her blazing purple hair, commanding stage presence, expressive face, and blistering riffs made her performance absolutely spellbinding Drummer Jen Ledger was also a treat to watch in action. Although she was a little hard to see at times, I could see her blonde hair swinging as she relentlessly beat on her drums. Monster, the final song in the regular set, got the fans totally revved up and jumping The show ended with The Resistance. Powerful and unifying lyrics, along with a heavy back beat, made it a great choice for ending the night

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