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Ax and the Hatchetmen at the Hi-Fi Indy on 05/24/2023​


Photos and Review by J’Lyn Smith


On May 24th, I had the opportunity to re-connect with Ax and the Hatchetmen at the Hi-Fi located in Indianapolis. I first gravitated toward this band after seeing their high-energy set last year at the WonderRoad festival in Indianapolis. When I found out they were playing the Hi-Fi, I knew this was a show I did not want to miss.


The 7-piece, Chicago-based rock band is currently headlining their “Where TF Did We Park The Van Tour.” This tour certainly showcases their performance ability with a sound similar to Twin Peaks [another Chicago-based band]. Jumping, trading guitars, and going back and forth, this was a show where they came to play. Their energy wasn’t as high as it was at WonderRoad; it was 10 times that!

Ax and the Hatchetmen is undeniably one of the best bands I’ve heard. Their songs make you want to nod, tap your toes, or swing your head left to right. As this band uses live soundsinstead of tracks, the raw vocals and instruments are imperfect. The imperfections of raw instruments live make it perfect. Sonically they remind me of rock from the '60’s that is modern. The crowd inside ranged anywhere from seniors in high school to grandparents. Ax and the Hatchetmen are on the hunt to show their fans that they appreciate everyone’s support and are here to stay. With their almost 3-month tour, the band will finish at Lollapalooza in Chicago this August. I’m going to Lollapalooza this year as well, and plan to catch them there. With such a nice run on this tour ahead of them, I do not see them slowing down one bit.


For more info on Ax at the Hatchetmen, or to catch them out tour, click on the button below:



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