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Badflower,’68,BRKN Love-Vogue Theater Indianapolis 4/30/22 Review Hunter Arndt Photos LLFoxphotos

Although I love concerts, this was my first show at The Vogue. With the open pit and two levels of seating,they providea unique experience for listening to music. There were three bands that performed:BRKN Love, followed by ’68, and the headliner was Badflower. I was very fortunate to be in a fantastic spot for this show. It was my first time with press credentials, and I was just 6 feet from the stage, with an astounding view of all the performances and a whole new perspective on live shows.

Although we only saw the last few minutes of BRKN Love’s set, the four-piece band from Canada definitely seemed to be having a great time on the stage, and their their alt-rock sound was well-received by the growing crowd. After their set, I chatted with a couple of the security team members, who couldn’t have been more cordial and attentive.

The moment ’68 took the stage, I was beyond impressed. The pure talent that guitarist Josh Scogin and drummer Nikko Yamada presented was extraordinary. I never heard their band prior to the show, and didn’t know what to expect. David (security) who was in the press area where I was, starteddiscussing before they took stage, why the drum set was so far in front. It was something neither he nor I had ever seen before. While we were discussing the theories behind this unknown band, they came in with an intense first track they made David and I stop and take in what we were hearing. If my eyes were closed I would have believed there was a whole 5-person band on stage.

These two fantastic artists put their own spin on American noise rock, while also throwing in hardcore punk as well. Josh Scorgin’s theatrics were explosive, and very interactive with the audience. These two men played as if it was impromptu, and I was able to pick up on how in-sync they were, especially with their nonverbal gestures. I can’t say it was anything less than impressive. After their set, I ran into Nikkoand he was very cordial and even clinked glasses (actually, plastic cups) with me. Overall ’68 put on a show that I had never witnessed before, andhats off to them; I look forward to seeing them again.

The next and final performance of the night was Badflower, and with only knowing a little about this band, they were fantastic. Their take on American rock was uplifting while still staying true to their hard rock sound. Josh Katz, the lead singer, was vibrant and very invested in the crowd. The delivery of his heartfelt lyrics was intense, and his eye contact with the audience was nearly constant. Alex Espiritu was one of the most energetic bassists I’ve ever seen. Joey Morrow on guitar and Anthony Sonetti on drums also played their hearts out.

The highlight of the night was toward the end of Badflower’sset, when members of BRKN Love and ’68 came back on stage for “Stalker.” The three bands were near the end of the tour, but rather than being sick of each other, they must have gotten to be pretty close friends because the song turned into a jam session. Toward the end of it, I noticed Josh start to make his way to the ocean of people in front of him. After standing on the top rail of the barrier, he felt so comfortable with the love the crowd was giving that he started to crowd surf. After being returned to the stage, Josh then did something incredible. He walked through the photo pit and up the stairs to the upper level. He made a whole lap around the upper level of The Vogue without missing a beat. It was amazing to see a lead singer get that involved with the crowd. The song ended with a three-drum solo that nearly brought down the sold-out house; it was

a great experience to witness and be a part of.

Overall Badflower impressed me with how welcoming they were with their fans, and the passion they have for music. I hope to see them again when they go back out on tour.

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