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  • Laura Fox - LLFoxphotos

Dizgo at The Vogue Indy on 02 03 2023

Indianapolis, Indiana

Photos and review by Laura Fox (LLFoxphotos)

Dizgo, with support from Stardust Social Club, created toasty-warm vibes on an otherwise frigid Friday night in Broad Ripple, Indiana. The Bloomington, Indiana headliner drew a large crowd for their return to The Vogue, treating concertgoers to two sets of great music, along with a super-cool light show.

Unless you’ve already heard them, it’s kind of hard to describe Dizgo. When I tried to explain it to some friends last night, the best I could come up with was, “Imagine the Dave Matthews band on ‘shrooms.” But it’s more complex than that. Along with electro-jamband (jamtronica), I heard prog jazz, funk, rock, disco, soul and psychedelic influences throughout the show. It was all smoothly blended into a sophisticated sound that was complex, yet not overwhelming. Honestly, I really enjoyed minute of it, even though I’m definitely more of a head banger.

Dizgo members include Andrew Pickel on guitar and vocals, Kevin Hinnefeld on bass, keys and vocals, Eric Ottinger on percussion and Jake Evatt on keys and vocals.

Indianapolis-based jam/rock band openers Stardust Social Club started the evening with a set that was a lot of fun. Dizgo’s set also started out upbeat. It had a very danceable groove, punctuated by a cover of Eddie Grant’s “Electric Avenue.” As the show went on, the songs got dreamier. Both sets featured mostly original music, with a few covers in a range of genres. I think the variety of tunes was very smart, keeping the fans engaged and wondering what would come next.

Which brings me to the production itself, which was one of the best I’ve seen at The Vogue. The combination of Goedde Sound and Lights and The Cronus Project was insane. I’d like to know how much time they all spent collaborating, because everything was beautifully timed. The

large-screen, LED graphics by The Cronus Project were gorgeous and mesmerizing, adding a deeper element to the entire show.

Dizgo is currently in the middle of their Winter Tour 2023. They’re also on the lineup of several festivals this coming spring and summer; you should check them out! You can learn more here:

Or here:


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