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NOTHING MORE at Old National Center – June 4, 2022 Review by Camber Sollberger Photos by Laura Fox

Rocking The Egyptian Room at Old

National Centre Saturday night, NOTHING MORE headlined with a phenomenal line up of fan favorites from past albums and current singles. The group is known for its elaborate and energetic live performances, and they delivered.

The sophistication of Jonny Hawkins’ lyrics, paired with a stellar on-stage performance, brings the crowd to their feet, also bringing many concert goers to the crowds’ hands as they body surf to the front of the venue. A father-son duo were first in line to see NOTHING MORE, standing right on the barricade. As they began to be barraged by crowd surfers, lead vocalist Jonny Hawkins brought the boy onstage for a closer and safer view. As the boy walked out with his own drumstick, a core memory was formed that night.

Frontman Jonny Hawkins got his musical start as a drummer, and his leading man position doesn’t stop him from rocking out on second set of drums on the band’s famed Scorpion Tail. Salvaged from car and motorcycle parts, this 400-pound, 14-foot-tall contraption created by bassist Daniel Oliver is manipulated by Jonny in real time. The spectacle adds an aspect of marvel, bringing the audience ever-more into the band’s performance.

NOTHING MORE is releasing an album in the coming months, with a new single promised at the end of tour. Be sure to follow them and the opening bands wherever you find your music, as you are not going to want to miss what they have coming.


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