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Sibling-lead band The Haunt gives an energizing performance on September 9th at The Vogue Theater

Review By Ella Loman

Photography By Laura Fox

The Haunt; and alt-rock band from South Florida gave a phenomenal performance while opening for The HU on their 2021 North American tour. From the moment the group took the stage their energy was electrifying. Their set was an exciting mix of old and new material; finishing off with a song the band released during quarantine. The Haunt showed off their stylistic range; pairing emotionally-charged, stunning pop rock vocals from lead singer Anastasia Grace and her brother Maxamillion with punk, alt-rock beats and instrumentation by Nick Lewart on drums and Nat Smallish on bass. This energetic sibling-lead group gave a performance that effortlessly crossed genres; offering moments reminiscent of early Paramore and Amy Winehouse all while maintaining a sound that is uniquely theirs.

More information about the band including new releases and tour info can be found on their website


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