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Staind by Nick Shotwell at Noblesville’s Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center August 28, 2021

Sandwiched between ’68 and Korn, Staind rocked the house at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center. The voice of lead singer Aaron Lewis, sporting a beard, has aged well since the band’s formation in 1995. Setting aside Aaron’s recent solo work, the band opened with Eyes Wide Open and closed with Mudshovel. Despite the wicked heat and humidity, lead guitarist Mike Mushock didn’t hold back as he banged and whipped his hair as if it was an extension of his guitar. Johnny April was cool in the heat on stage left on bass and drummer Sal Giancarell banged tempo behind Lewis. In accordance with Aaron Lewis’s stoic on-stage cues, Lewis sported an “Americans before Illegals” shirt and “Impeach Biden” hat, essentially banking on their audience to have enough guts to either take it, or leave it, and they all stayed with that said, Staind rocked the house at Ruoff Saturday night. If you’re in the Midwest your last chance to see them anywhere nearby would be at Louisville, KY at the Louder than Life Festival Sept 23-26.


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