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The Dead Deads Bring Lively Performance to Indianapolis

The Vogue Indy

September 21, 2021

Photos and Review by Laura Fox (LLFoxphotos)

Before I started reviewing live music, I didn't care much about genre identification. I like what I like, and I don't care what you call it. But I find it helps my audience to have an idea of what a band may sound like if they know what type of music they play. Apparently, Nashville-based The Dead Deads didn't get my memo about that.

The all-female power trio fuses rock, indie, punk, alt, metal, and grunge together in their songs, creating a style that's edgy and unique. The first time I saw them, they were touring with Stone Sour and Red Sun Rising, and not only did I Iike their music, I was also impressed with their energy and the way they interacted with the audience. I vowed to photograph them the next time they came to town.

I had that opportunity Tuesday night, when they performed in support of Candlebox at The Vogue in Indianapolis. I expected another killer show, and I was not disappointed. Lead singer and guitarist Meta Dead, bassist Daisy Dead, and drummer McQueen Dead played their hearts out to a receptive and enthusiastic crowd.

All three members came out dressed in signature scary-style bodysuits, with their trademark "X" eye makeup. McQueen also sported a hat with a crown, which magically stayed on her head as she intensely pounded the drums. Daisy wore Docs with daisies (of course) on them, and the smile rarely left her face as she laid down the bass lines. They played a solid set that featured mainly high-energy, in-your-face tunes, including a "Hey Girlfriend," "Deal with Me," and "Out of the Sky' from their latest album, "Tell Your Girls it's Alright."

Meta Dead, whose vocals remind me at times of Hayley Williams or Gwen Stefani, and Joan Jett at others, did a great job of talking to the crowd, often explaining the meanings behind the songs. Despite her badass persona and performance, she was remarkably humble, repeatedly expressing gratitude for their fans' continuing support. Based on the response The Dead Deads got from their set, I think they'll be getting support from a lot of new fans as this tour continues!

Check out The Dead Deads here:


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