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Tom Peter Odell The Victoria Theatre Chicago Illinois

Tom Odell will have a warm place in my wife’s heart and in mine. We were on a guided tour in Portugal en-route to the wine country north of Porto when we heard Another Love being played on the radio of our tour car. One of my favorite things in life is to discover new artists and music. I liked Another Love so much that we Shazamed it and I made a mental note to look up this “new artist” later. As we were tasting some fancy port wine north of Porto I downloaded some of his music. It was an idyllic setting that got us hooked on Tom Odell’s music. I must say my wife has fallen in love with Tom Peter Odell’s music and his musical journey. For months after our first encounter with Tom Odell, his music is all that my wife listened to. 


From that starting point we were beyond excited when we found out he would be playing in Chicago, only a couple hours from out home later that same year. Let me tell you Tom Odell and his band didn’t disappoint. He is a captivating figure balancing between Billy Joel/Elton John sensibilities to punk rock sounds to boarder line vulgar lyrics to beautiful heartfelt ballads. What else could one ask for when going to see someone for the first time. Tom was just captivating, and we had the time of our lives during his show! Below is a set list that may not be 100% accurate but it’s fairly close. Please pleasure your ears and listen to some Tom Odell tunes if you’re looking for great music with heartfelt, and raw-honest lyrics.  



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