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Trinity of Terror Tour at Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana 09/06/22

Photos and Review by Jenna Stafford (Indysrockphotographer)

We Came As Romans ::

We began our night of terror with We Came As Romans hitting the stage first! They started their set off with newer singles "Dark Bloom" and "Daggers" from their much- anticipated album, "Darkbloom," which is set to release October 14th, 2022! It will be the band's first album since the passing of vocalist Kyle Pavone in 2018. This was my second time catching We Came As Romans live and they’re definitely a favorite for sure! I'm a sucker for guttural vocals and sick breakdowns, I think that's why I enjoy seeing these guys so much! The energy from their performance was a great way to kickstart the night and I have no doubt that the crowd would agree. They played a pretty short set of six songs, but they really seemed to balance it out with the newer and older songs for the fans.

Motionless In White ::

Up next was Motionless In White and I have to say that I could hardly contain my excitement as I waited for them to make their way to the stage! They started their set off with fan favorite "Disguise," followed by a newer single, "Sign Of Life." This was my third time seeing Motionless live and it seems like they exceed all expectations every time!

Midway through their set I was caught off guard and literally jumping up and down as they played the spooky sound of Vecna's clock before going into their latest release, "Masterpiece." Being a superfan of the hit show, "Stranger Things," I thought this was such an awesome touch! And YES if you're wondering, I did buy the shirt that said "Motionless In White saved me from Vecna," haha! They finished their set with "Eternally Yours" as Chris Motionless passed out roses to a handful of very lucky fans. If you haven't already checked out their new album, "Scoring The End Of The World," I highly recommend giving it a listen!

Ice Nine Kills ::

Creeping onto the stage next was Ice Nine Kills! This was my second time seeing them live and I knew everyone was in for a killer treat.. They started their set off with "Welcome To Horrorwood," followed by my personal favorite, "Hip to Be Scared!" If you saw me in the photo pit singing and bopping along, NO YOU DIDN'T haha. Something that I really think separates this band from the rest is their theatrics that go along with each song they play! Their performance was jam packed with costume changes and scenes acted out from your favorite horror movies. One thing I know for sure is that they definitely keep the crowd entertained throughout the night! Playing twelve songs in total, they ended their set with their newest release, "The Shower Scene," followed by "The American Nightmare."

Black Veil Brides ::

Ending the heavy metal fright night was Black Veil Brides! They took the stage with classic hits "Faithless" and "Coffin." This was my third time seeing these guys live and there was no denying that the crowd was just as hyped as I was. Andy Black kept the fans captivated with his sinful vocals while the rest of the guys effortlessly melted our faces off with their strong riffs! Mid set, they mixed in a couple newer singles like "Crimson Skies," and my personal favorite, "Born Again." The band played ten songs in total including an encore of "In The End." I'm sure many fans wish there wasn't a curfew at 11 o'clock because they left us wanting more for sure. Black Veil Brides released their newest single, "Saviour II" on the same day as the show; it's the first single from their new album, "The Mourning." which is set to be released October 21.

Trinity Of Terror overview ::

The Trinity Of Terror tour will continue to wreak havoc with seven more dates left on Part Two and then will head out for Part Three October 31st. Tonight was my second time seeing this tour and I'm telling you it's one of the best that I've seen this year! Whether you're a fan of just one band or all four, there's something in this show for everyone to enjoy! Don't miss it!


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