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  • Audiophileoholic- Andrew Perkins

Sponge and Origins of Alternative Rock

The year was 1995. I was just out of college and looking to have fun with a few friends at X-Fest. The line-up included Bush, Weezer, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and Sponge.

As a group we decided to jump over the rails of the lower level. In those days venues didn't heavily guard the pavilion like today. Upon arrival to the lower level we jubilantly jumped and thrashed in a glorious mosh pit. Just in time for Sponge as “Plowed” blasted from the speakers. I vividly remember looking back upon the crowd as thousands of water bottles flew through the air and the mosh pit slammed!

Fast forward to 2017. I had the opportunity to chat with lead singer of Sponge Vinnie Dombrowski.

I ask Vinnie a few questions regarding the alternative vibe of the time:

Vinnie: " The energy of the those days in the early to mid 90's felt like the music was the fans music." " It was a brand new energy." " Unique to the time and unique to the Culture." "It was the end of hair metal, people still bought records, the system was healthy." " Bands you thought would never get a major label deal were landing great contracts." " These days musicians look like they have a second career as models or cover girls"

Check out a few photos of Vinnie and Sponge playing at The Vogue Theatre in Indianapolis.

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