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  • Michele Blue Author, Laura Fox Photogragher

Flora Cash – Bunbury 2019

As soon as Flora Cash took the stage the crowd was screaming in excitement. The first song had some slight technical difficulties with sound being a little too low. A few fans were screaming “turn up your mics!” after the song ended. Everything sounded perfect for the rest of the show. The beautiful chemistry between the two singers Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall is very visible in their music and how they are on stage. They even shared a very loving kiss after their 3rd song. The crowd always enjoys seeing a happy couple kiss. That’s why the “kiss cam” is so popular at sporting events. Musicians in love understand this fact of life, but there are not a lot of couples who perform together on stage. I really like that they are comfortable enough with the fans to want to share that moment in front of them. The energy continued to build throughout the entire set. Fans were crowding in the walkway just to get a chance to hear them perform. I heard many fans screaming “we love you!” at the top of their lungs. You could tell that their fans were there for not only the music, but the happy and positive energy that the two singers give off. Cole asked Shpressa when their next album would be released, and she simply replied “autumn” in a very soft-spoken voice. Several fans, almost in unison, said “awe” because that reply was very genuine and in her true character. A lot of times concerts feel very rehearsed right down to their in-between song speaking segments. Fans can tell the difference of what is pre-planned speaking and what is pure from the heart talking. Flora Cash is very raw and very real in all of the good ways with their music and their live performances. Their set on the main stage during the Bunbury Festival was perhaps one of my favorites of the entire weekend.

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