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  • Laura Fox - LLFoxphotos

Breaking Benjamin Musical Perfection

I thought I knew what to expect from Breaking Benjamin, having covered them last summer when they toured with Five Finger Death Punch. But I actually didn’t. Lead singer Ben Burnley has stepped up his game, and I was impressed. Burnley, who had seemed almost aloof last year (and in years past), was everything a good frontman should be: enthusiastic, confident, and, most importantly, engaging. He seemed happier and less angst-y than before, joking around and telling little stories between songs. He even invited a bund of kids and their parents onto the stage, and he himself ventured into the photo pit, totally making one fan’s day by inviting him to sing with him. My favorite part of the set was the amazing six-song cover medley that culminated in Shaun Foist’s absolutely thrilling drum solo. It was thrilling to watch him flip the sticks between every beat. I’m just sorry my pics of him, which were taken during the first three songs, do not do him justice!! Breaking Benjamin’s 17-song set started with Red Cold River, ended with Diary of Jane (the last encore) and included every fan favorite in between. My recommendation: get your ass to this show. The stop at Ruoff was only the second stop on this tour, so there are plenty of dates left. No excuses – just go.

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