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  • Laura Fox - LLFoxphotos

Hyro the Hero at Rockstar Energy DISRUPT

Hyro the Hero opened the Rockstar Energy DISRUPT Festival at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center with a high-powered, kick-ass show that definitely woke up the audience. I’m not sure how he mustered so much energy so early in the day, but it was one of the most intense, athletic performances I’ve ever seen. I’m not talking about a few jumps and some dancing, either – he lunged, twirled, and stomped across the stage, scrambled up the lighting stands, and leaped over the heads of his bandmates. His attitude was angry at times and encouraging at others, but passionate and sincere 100% of the time. Afterward, the rapper/rocker from LA he hung around side-stage and made himself accessible to fans – definitely a class act, and an artist you’ll want to keep on your radar!

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