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3 Doors Down Relives “A Better Life” at TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park By Laura Fox

3 Doors Down’s 20th Anniversary Tour for their debut album, “A Better Life,” came to the brand-new TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park Friday night, and it was a beautiful thing. The venue itself is gorgeous, but the true beauty of the evening was the band, who brought much-needed energy, optimism, and straight-up rock & roll to a sold-out crowd.

It was the first major concert I’ve been to since the beginning of 2020, and I was both nervous and excited waiting to go in the photo pit. Within a couple of minutes, however, I was back in the groove – mostly because 3 Doors Down puts on a KILLER show. These guys are true professionals on stage: talented, well-rehearsed, comfortable, and enthusiastic about sharing their music with the world.

From the first notes of “Kryptonite” through the last note of “When I’m Gone,” the band played their hearts out. The lineup, consisting of frontman Brad Arnold, guitarists Chris Henderson and Chet Roberts, bassist Justin Biltonen, and drummer Greg Upchurch, had the crowd on its feet the entire time. There was much dancing, singing, head banging, air guitaring and drumming, and of course many devil horns in the air as the band played the entire “A Better Life” album, along with a few favorites from other albums. I (along with about 6,000 other people) was back in my happy place…and it felt amazing!


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