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  • Laura Fox - LLFoxphotos

ALL IN Festival - Cage the Elephant Sunday, September 4, 2022

Photos and Review by Laura Fox (LLFoxphotos)

Diehard fans of Cage the Elephant lined up early, stood all day in the muggy heat, and suffered through a drenching cloudburst and the resulting rain delay to be at the barrier at the ALL IN Festival Sunday. But I’m absolutely certain they’d say it was worth it.

It was 11:45 pm, I was exhausted from covering about two dozen bands Saturday and Sunday, and I mostly wanted to go home. But I like Cage the Elephant’s music, the crowd’s excitement was contagious, and what concert photographer would pass up an opportunity to cover these guys? So I slung my cameras over my shoulders and maneuvered my way into a spot in front of the stage.

The roar was deafening when the six members of Cage the Elephant came on stage, and I was instantly energized when the first dramatic notes of “Broken Boy” started playing. Frontman Matt Shultz and guitarist Brad Shultz made immediate contact with the crowd, which was by far the largest of the festival. From that point forward, it was non-stop action through the 18-song set, with Matt Schultz dominating the show.

I don’t know where the dude gets his energy, but Matt Shultz's intensity was off the charts, even during the slower songs. He started out in a dapper blazer, long-sleeved shirt and jeans, gradually stripping down to nothing but a pair of tights. His alabaster skin and well-coiffed hair were soaking wet long before the show was over.

Notable moments were when:

• The band and audience sang “Happy Birthday” to Brad Shultz’s daughter

• The multiple times Matt Schultz ventured into the crowd to greet the fans, wear their accessories, crowd surf, and walk on their hands

• Matt Shultz underestimated the distance between the barrier and the stage, nearly falling (fortunately, security was on the ball and he made it up safely)

Despite the late hour and my fatigue, the show was so amazing I was compelled to watch the entire set. So were the other photographers around me; we just couldn’t tear ourselves away! If you EVER get a chance to see Cage the Elephant live, don’t Mess Around – get your tickets as soon as they go on sale. I promise you’ll have such a great time that you’ll be a Cry Baby when it’s time to say Goodbye.


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