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Allison Victoria with Amerikkken at The Hi-Fi Indy on 3/20/21 Preview of Better Days Ahead?

Indianapolis, Indiana

Photos and Review by Laura Fox (LLFoxphotos)

By Laura Fox

Hi, my name is Laura and I’m a concert junkie. I first realized I had a serious problem when lockdown started a little over a year ago. I’ve missed the live music scene, especially all the wonderful people, so much it hurts. And although there have been a few small concerts around town, I just haven’t felt comfortable getting out there. But when I read that the Hi-Fi Indy was bringing back indoor concerts with strict safety protocols (Including a high-tech air purification system) in place, I decided to take a baby step toward freedom. In honor of National Women’s Month, I chose to see Indianapolis-based singer-songwriter Allison Victoria, who has an amazing voice and a relaxed vibe. I figured the crowd would be small and pretty chill; I was only half right.

Local singer-songwriter/rapper Amerikkken opened the show. Her heartfelt and raw lyrics were juxtaposed over smooth melodic tracks, creating a sort of pleasant discordance. She wants you to know the KKK in her name stands for “Knowledge and Kindness are Key.” In keeping with this philosophy, Amerikkken chooses not to hit you over the head with her messages, but rather glide up next to you and give you a hard shove. Her latest EP, “Kapped” was just released and can be found here:

Allison Victoria, who was backed with members from local band 1 Sound, is one of those people who “walks softly and carries a big stick.” Her sweet, shy smile, demure dress, and unassuming manner belie an arresting, powerful voice. (Imagine the love child of Erykah Badu and Macy Gray.) Her set was a mix of jazz classics, pop favorites, and original ballads; all of them smooth as silk. Although soft-spoken, Allison Victoria confidently commanded the audience’s full attention and adoration throughout the evening by looking and speaking directly to them, encouraging them to sing along and celebrate the moment. To hear her uplifting single, “Let Go,” click here:

So was the crowd chill? Definitely. Was it small? Not for long! Although the capacity at The Hi-Fi Indy is 400, ticket sales were limited to 200. I would guess the crowd was at about 150-175. Most people followed the mask mandate (masks off only to drink), and staff members occasionally circulated to politely remind those who “forgot.” A new barrier six feet from the stage served to keep the audience safely away from the performers. Most concert-goers even kept a few feet back from the barrier until the show was in full swing. As the room filled up, it was hard for the groups near the front to maintain the recommended six-foot distance between each other, but those in the back were a bit farther apart.

Was I glad I went? Absolutely. I can’t tell you how good it felt to be back in the concert world, even if it was somewhat restricted and restrained. As COVID rates continue to decline and vaccination numbers continue to climb, I am cautiously optimistic that more great live music, both local and national, will be again soothe our souls and lift our spirits.

If you want to learn more about the Hi-Fi’s policies and procedures, here’s a link:


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