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Dave Matthews Band Ruoff Home Mortgage Center

April 7th, 2011. That was the date I saw Dave Matthews Band live for the first time. They headlined three nights at Chicago‘s Lakeside. The venue was an old steelworks plant right on Lake Michigan. My buddy who ventured there with me and I speak of that life-altering event frequently. Joining the DMB event that weekend were The Flaming Lips and the funky balloon they filled with cash. A Jayhawks reunion with Marc Olson back in the fold. Liz Phair at it again. Gary Clark Jr., a rising superstar. Plus of course DMB - three nights in row.

Fast forward and we are in 2022. In a lot of ways the DMB experience has not changed. Superb musicianship. An energetic atmosphere. Songs that make you remember the good ole days. There’s a reason they have staying power and that’s just because they put on a superb show. And they love it! Their set list, of course, has old standards with funky twists at every turn. I was particularly excited to hear "Jimi Thing,” as it reminds me of my college days.

A special highlight of the evening was an extended jam with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. What and exceptional moment in an exceptional night.

Although I can’t match the combined 170 shows the couple beside me had attended, I can say seeing Dave and Company again feels like a nostalgic rendezvous on a hot Indiana night.

Dave Matthews Band Jun 24 2022 Ruoff Music Center Noblesville, IN

1. Pig

2. Granny

3. Walk Around The Moon

4. Break Free

5. Jimi Thing *

6. That Girl Is You *

7. What Would You Say *

8. Grey Street

9. Grace Is Gone

10. Tripping Billies

11. Improv Intro (Hope For Tomorrow) +

12. You and Me

13. Dancing Nancies

14. Warehouse

15. Where Are You Going

16. She

17. Lie In Our Graves

18. Cant Stop *

19. Ants Marching *

-------- ENCORE --------

20. Sister +


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