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Jewel at Ruoff Music Center – 07/13/22 Photos and Review by Laura Fox (LLFoxphotos)

“Do you know why my new album is called ‘Freewheelin’ Woman?’ Because I’m 48 years old and I can do whatever the f*** I want!”


Although there were many memorable moments from Jewel’s performance at Ruoff Music Center Wednesday night night, that was the one that sticks out in my mind most. Maybe because I’m a woman “of a certain age” myself, or maybe because of the way the audience absolutely erupted in cheers and applause when she said it.


Currently on tour in support of Train, Jewel charmed the enthusiastic crowd throughout her set with her engaging smile, friendly dialogue, unassuming nature, and, of course, her amazing vocal abilities. Despite being a Grammy (and other) award winner in a “disco-ball dress” (her words, not mine!), Jewel’s on-stage presence made you feel like you were watching your super-talented next-door neighbor. When she grabbed her coffee mug, you could imagine hanging out with her on her front porch, sharing stories of love, loss, triumph and even the details of everyday life.


I’m not going to give away too many spoilers of the way Jewel made her show special, but I was really impressed when she asked for and accepted a request from the audience. Even though it was an older, less-known song, she graciously - and beautifully – performed the ballad. You know that completely made that fan’s day and created a memory that will last them the rest of their life.


Jewel’s “Freewheelin’ Woman” tour will continue through August 2022. You can check out the album here:



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