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Louis Tomlinson at TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park

Indianapolis, Indiana on 06/07/23

Photos and Review by Shelby Price

Fans dressed from head to toe in red lined the sidewalks of TCU, camping for the Louis Tomlinson concert in Indianapolis on Wednesday, June 7, 2023. After waiting (some for over 24 hours), they all piled into the venue to see the one and only Louis. I have to say, some fans cracked me up. They brought it in the old Louis dolls from his One Direction days, blankets with his face, and even pictures of him dressed as the Pope. This group of fans is unique and wonderful, and I am glad I got to experience this show by their side.

When Louis came out, the number of girls screaming easily could have been on the verge of breaking the sound barrier. Jokes aside, it was clear to me how much Louis means to these fans. With tons of signs going up saying “you deserve this” and him constantly thanking the crowd for allowing him to continue making music and living out his dream, it made for a night full of love.

You could just see how much fun Tomlinson was having on stage. He did something that I do not see many artists do. He would put down his microphone and walk around just interacting with fans from the crowd. It was nice to see him take time out of the show to recognize the fans cheering for him. About halfway through his set, he even pulled out a couple of songs from One Direction so I got to scream my heart out, too. The show was so much fun and so lively, I would gladly see him again.

Just last month, Louis released his album “Faith In The Future,” amassing millions of streams. This tour just recently started, and he kept saying on stage how much fun he was having performing this album.

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