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Mazie 5/21/22 The Egyptian Room, Indianapolis Indiana Photos by Laura Fox Review by Alexia Gilchrist

Mazie’s opening appearance for Still Woozy on his If This Isn’t Nice Tour Tuesday, May 31, 2022 at the Old National Center in Indianapolis, Indiana was mind boggling. Her performance encapsulated the audience members' ears and eyes beyond our expectations, well my expectations. To be put in a nutshell, Mazie managed to have the ENTIRE Egyptian Room in Indianapolis vibe while keeping the energy high. Mazie could not take all the credit she admitted as she introduced the rambunctious duo, Benny, aka Benny the Ghost, and Joe. The two filled the stage with theatrics as Benny Swayzies Joe in an attempt to play his guitar. “Hit it Joe!” encouraged Mazie leading into Joe’s body controlling guitar solo. Even though the audience was crazy in love with the trio's energy, Mazie stopped the show in the midst of a song to ensure her fans were staying healthy after a fan fainted. Not to worry, they started from the top after ensuring fans were staying hydrated. Leading into her head spinning hit All I Ever Wanted (Was You) she asks the audience “Have any of you been in a toxic relationship?”… according to Mazie so “yes… but it’s fun, right?”. Mazie relates and interacts with her fans well, especially when introducing her music and it’s relation to life. Look at the lyrics in People Don’t Change, her voice tickled my heart with her clever wording to give fans insight to her struggles. I truly do have another artist to add to my playlist!


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