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Rod Tuffcurls and the Bench Press at HiFi Annex May 28, 2022 Photos and Review by Mike Bowen

So, when you show up to the venue and probably a third of the audience is wearing the band’s “uniform” and the beer lines are long, you know you are in for a fun show. On a perfect evening in Indy at the HiFi Annex, Rod (if that’s his real name) and the band delivered a home run!My job was made easy by the fact that these fellas were having a ball!

This Chicago based cover band can be found touring the upper Midwest year round and are sure to show up at a venue near you. Do NOT miss it. Covering everything from Elton John’s “Rocket Man” to “Wrecking Ball” by MileyCyrus and “Build me up Buttercup” by the Foundations, these and all the songs in between will make you smile and dance and are punctuated by what sounds like a video game theme song. This night’s performance included “Back Home Again in Indiana,” an homage to it being Indy 500 eve, and the crowd sang along with gusto.

Smiles and energy are the name of the game. This band will bring it and you will enjoy.

My take: Do not pass on any opportunity to party with the music you will know and the band that WILL make it all FUN!

Tube socks and short shorts encouraged, but not required.

Or are they? ;)

All band info and a tour schedule can be found at:

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