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Santana at Ruoff Music Center on Jun 23, 2024

Noblesville, Indiana

Photos and Review by Hadyn Mayes

As the sun began to set over Ruoff Music Center , fans were in for a treat as they awaited the legendary Santana. The crowd roared into applause and cheers no later than the first sound of the tribal drums being played. The set opened with a few minutes of different tribal footage played on screen with the background noise of chants and percussion.

The smell of incense filled the pit and front rows as Carlos Santana walked on stage, sporting his iconic custom tee made by artist Michael Rios and began the iconic song “Soul Sacrifice”. The song was played incredibly well and looked effortless to Santana as he sat at his stool. Seeing this song played in person was mind blowing; being a fan myself it was amazing to see. 

Santana’s set was a wonderful mix of timeless hits such as “Black Magic Woman,” and “Oye Como Va.” Some fans were dancing around. Those who weren't dancing were sitting in awe of the wonderful music being played by this wonderful band.

One of the standout moments to me was the incredible drum solo of Cindy Blackman. Carlos sat in the stool in front of the drum set and watched his wife go to absolute town on the drums. This solo was one of the most impressive and energetic solos I’ve ever had the chance to see live. She was met with many fans clapping and screaming at the top of their lungs. 

All through the set Santana’s vibrant personality, and incomparable musical skills kept the crow engaged from opening to closing notes. He also shared messages of peace, love, and unity. This set had not a single moment that left me unimpressed. 


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