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Sixteen Candles at the Vogue May 6, 2022 Photos and Review by Mike Bowen

Who doesn’t love this!?

Sixteen Candles, a Chicago area band frequently grace the Indy area and are not to be missed. Adam, Dave, Chris, Scott and Billy never fail to bring the fun and energy to the stage while performing the songs we all know by heart. The self-proclaimed “Premier ‘80’s Pop Experience” delighted another Friday night crowd at the Vogue. Covering everything from Paul Simon, for some reason allowing us to call him “Al,” to “Hungry Like the Wolf” and Toto’s “Africa.” If you don’t know and love every single song, I would be amazed.

My take: Bring your friends, prepare to sing, dance and enjoy. And, by all means, don’t be afraid to wear your sunglasses at night.

All band info and a tour schedule can be found at:


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