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Still Woozy Indianapolis May 31, 2022 Review Alexia Gilchrist Photos Laura Fox

If you were one of the lucky fans to indulge in Still Woozy’s performance on Tuesday, May 31, 2022 at the Egyptian Room; how are those glutes feeling? Sven Gamsky asked the audience a number of times “Who wants to shake their butt?”, and the entire audience excitedly followed as he stuck his butt out and shook it left to right. Our bodies were controlled by the waves of lyrics in Woopie. If you for some reason weren’t paying attention to Legwurk andher goofy style, she practically compelled the audience to follow her rhythm. Legwurk and Sven Gamsky (aka Still Woozy) made the perfect duo on stage, performing karate on each other, sharing mics, etc. It was like their energy combined made the sun. Especially when Gamsky slowed it down with Kenny, as both Legwurk and Gamsky grabbed acoustic guitars, the audience starred, mesmerized. The melody was distributed and the passion filled the air. Their energy made the stars here. They may have mesmerized our hearts with Kenny but they mesmerized our brains with Goodie Bag. The groovy rhythm was a nice ending to the night.


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