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Lindsey Stirling Electrifies Phoenix’s Arizona Federal Theatre September 1, 2021

My friends, I have something to come clean about: Before last night, I was not a Lindsey Stirling fan. I knew her shtick, but anticipated that I would find myself out of my element, or that my experience would be lacking because I couldn’t name more than a handful of her songs. I quickly learned that my anxieties were unfounded because Stirling is a crowd pleaser, through and through.

Not into classical music? No worries, Stirling infuses electronic elements into her compositions that punch them up. Huntresses and pirates not really your thing? Give it 10 minutes, you’ll be immersed in a story about a post-apocalyptic society. Not feeling her costume? She’ll change out of it shortly, potentially on stage.

And if there’s truly nothing else for you, there’s a tiny dog with a balloon. I can certify that that is indeed for everyone.

Stirling’s set was a mastery in balance. With little to no lyrical content in her performance, she took frequent breaks (perfectly timed with show logistics and the cadence of the show) to tell jokes and stories, frequently reflecting on her career and growing up in the nearby town of Gilbert, Arizona. A perfect blend of connection and entertainment, her set was a treat for all ages.

Stirling’s Artemis tour will continue for a few more days up the Pacific North West, concluding at Summerfest Milwaukee.

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