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Yoke Lore The Pavilion at Pan Am 03/31/22 Photos and review by Laura Fox (LLFoxphotos)

My introduction to Yoke Lore, AKA Adrian Galvin, was at his show in support of Mt. Joy at the Pavilion at Pan Am in Indianapolis. Although I had enjoyed watching a few of his videos, I didn’t expect the amazing, almost transcendent performance put on by Yoke Lore and his brother, drummer Noah Galvin.

The stage setup was deceptively simple: electric banjo, drum kit, keyboard, and some electronic add-ons. The sound, however, was complex and rich. The tunes ranged from soft and sweet to upbeat and danceable, and the lyrics were both thoughtful and relatable. Stylistically, I was reminded of Walk the Moon, The Griswolds, and The 1975…I’ve since learned Yoke Lore was with WTM during his college days, so I guess I was on target!

So what about this transcendence thing? It’s just a guy on a banjo playing indie-pop music, right? Well, it’s hard to explain without being there in person. This quiet and unassuming young man, who based his stage name on his desire to connect (Yoke) stories of human experiences (Lore), literally emanated good vibes. I personally felt uplifted during his set, and I could see the same sense on the faces of the concertgoers around me. My new friend, Brian Howe, an experienced stagehand, said he felt it, too. He also said he's seen hundreds of concerts, and this was one of the ones he enjoyed the most.

Yoke Lore’s nine-song setlist included songs from each of his EPs, along with a wonderful cover of Savage Garden’s “Truly Madly Deeply.” The crowd ate up each song, but made the most noise for his biggest hits, “Beige” and “Goodpain.” Yoke Lore fed on the fans’ energy, twirling and dancing on stage like nobody was watching TV. It was a beautiful thing, and it left me wanting more. You can bet I’m going to be keeping tabs on this guy.

Although the Indy show was the last stop on his tour with Mt. Joy, Yoke Lore will be headlining his own tour through mid-April, 2022. To learn more about Yoke Lore go to:


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