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  • Laura Fox - LLFoxphotos

Lindsey Stirling and Evanescence with Cellogram – Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center

Co-headliners Evanescence and Lindsey Stirling, currently on tour together, have distinctly different musical styles, visual and performance aesthetics, and messages, yet they complemented each other perfectly. Accompanied by a local orchestra, both acts artfully wove beautiful stories throughout the night, bringing thunderous applause, cheers, and tears to the adoring crowd.

The night’s headliner, Lindsey Stirling, reminded me of a Gaelic faerie – she danced, ran, leaped, beat back demons, and even moonwalked, all while furiously playing the electric violin. But along with her spritely and energetic music, she also shared a deeply personal and inspirational message about her struggles with anorexia and depression. Backup dancers, multiple costume changes and stunning background graphics completed the big-production, sensory experience you’ll just have to see first-hand to understand.

In contrast, Evanescence’s performance was dark and almost dreamlike. Although Evanescence is comprised of five extremely talented musicians, all eyes were on Amy Lee as she strode onto the stage. Her rich vocals and commanding stage presence masterfully pulled the audience into her world. When Evanescence was joined by Stirling on stage for “Hi-Lo,” the crowd absolutely erupted.

Openers Cellogram, consisting of cellist Dave Eggar and percussionist Chuck Palmer, played a delightful mix of rock, bluegrass, global, and classical tunes that got the crowd warmed up for a night of amazing music under the stars at Ruoff.

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