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  • Laura Fox - LLFoxphotos

All Time Low Receives Adoration, Unmentionables

After spending an entire day at the Vans Warped Tour last month, I thought I was prepared for what I’d see at the All Time Low’s pop-punk show at the Old National Centre in Indianapolis on August 5th.

I was wrong.

I expected all the screaming fans, most of them female. I also anticipated the super-high energy level (and fans). What caught me off guard was the bra that suddenly flew onto the stage from the packed audience, soon to be joined by others.

Although I found this entertaining, it was only a slight distraction, because All Time Low commanded my full attention as they put on a killer show. With songs from all six of their studio albums, plus two brand-new singles, the band did a great job of mixing things up during their set. Opening with “Damned If I Do Ya,” and ending with “Dear Maria, Count Me In,” All Time Low showed off their versatility with a variety of styles that ranged from angsty to boppy to pop-punk to emo to electro-pop. I especially liked their new release, “Birthday,” which is upbeat on the surface, but edgy underneath, with rich harmonies that sound much more mature than their early tunes.

But the best part was how much fun the band had on stage, and how much fun the audience had. Confetti cannons, stage jumps, and other hijinks added to the atmosphere, but the bottom line is that these guys love performing, and they do it well. When All Time Low comes to your area, you owe it to yourself to go…and you might want to bring an extra bra with you.

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