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  • Michele Blue Author, Laura Fox Photogragher

Mesmerizing Poppy Bunbury Music Festival

Poppy took the stage and all of a sudden there were very loud screams coming from all directions. You could tell from the very first song their fans were there to bring the noise! Her see-through black bodysuit contrasted perfectly with her pure white hair. The guitarists were in all black jumpsuits and had silver painted faces with sleek black hair. It was obvious they were wanting to totally rock their looks. Each of them had a way of walking across stage effortlessly and giving a hair flip like a pro rocker. There has always been something about long hair and rock/pop music going together with flipping the hair in just the coolest way possible. Poppy did not disappoint in the hair flips.

I admit to not having heard any music by Poppy before this show. Poppy was the very first set that I went to at the Bunbury Music Festival. I did not know what to expect from just hearing the name “Poppy” and knowing nothing else about them. I was completely blown away by the entire vibe they were bringing to the stage. The energy and vocals were unforgettable. I found myself mesmerized by their on-stage look and the overall vibe of happiness they gave off. I could not help but want to dance around with the rest of the crowd as Poppy gave quite the performance.

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