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Sam Law Band Shines

The first time I saw Sam Law Band perform they were an opening act for the great Lou Gramm of Foreigner fame. It was an early set and there was an impending storm on the horizon. I was impressed. This band had a unique sound and very nice stage presence. After the show they were at their merchandise tent and surprised that I asked for their autograph. I love talented bands and for me I don't discriminate on whether a band is known worldwide or a local talent. Fast forward a few months and I was looking at twitter. At that time I was getting ready to shoot another national act. And lo and behold Sam Law sent out a tweet for a few special individuals to preview their new CD. I immediately said Yes! A week later I was listening, with a group of others, to their demos. All I can say is that I was blown away by their talent and diversity. A mix between Muse and Incubus. That's saying a lot.

These recent shots were taken by Laura Fox at the Hi Fi in Indianapolis. As Sam Law was opening for Badflower. I hope you get the chance to check out both bands.

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