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Hooked On Moe. Blues Traveler. G. Love All Roads Runaround Tour

Back in the mid 90's I was traveling at break neck speed to make it to a local amphitheater to see Blues Traveler. My whole life, as it seemed, hinged on making it to Deer Creek Music Theatre to see The Black Crowes and Blues Traveler. There was a terrible thunderstorm that night but it would not deter me from this show. At the time I was blown away by this bill of two herculean acts. These bands were in their prime and playing seemingly endless hits that night. My recollection of that evening was this, John Popper brought the crowd to life with his impromptu harmonica jams, the psychedelic waves of sound, the cohesiveness of that 4 piece band, and the joy the crowd felt as they took the stage. I remember the bliss of that summer evening with fondness.

Now some 25 years later I find myself in a similar situation. Rushing to finish work while staving off anxiety that I may get caught in traffic and miss a few precious minutes of Blues Traveler and company. Fortunately I made it in plenty of time. Starting off the evening was G. Love. Mixing alternative rock, blues, hip hop threads into his opening set. Personally I loved that he specifically played "Shooting Hoops" for the Indiana crowd. A tribute to our basketball frenzied state. Later in the evening G. Love joined in on a collaborative set where we witnessed all three bands on the bill jam together. Moe, Blues Traveler and G. Love were fantastic while all on stage simultaneously. Showing off there endless skills in s seamless blend of musical fascination. Once again the musical treat was impressive. They played originals and then they fused covers of Mary Jane's Last Dance by Tom Petty and I Want You Want Me by Cheap Trick.

For sure it was a fun evening of musical accomplishment. These three acts were perfect together and perfect playing their individual sets.

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